We co-organized RECOMB 2023 and RECOMB-Seq 2023 which took place in Istanbul between April 13 and 19, 2023. Members of our lab have presented various exciting results.

  • At RECOMB-CCB 2023, Gun Kaynar presented our paper on analyzing tumor metabolome using biologically-informed neural networks to give online feedback to the surgeon about the predicted survival of the patient. He also presented his poster at main RECOMB event on tumor margin assessment via online analyses of HRMAS NMR signal during surgery.
  • Again at RECOMB-CCB 2023, Halil Ibrahim Kuru presented our joint work with Oznur Tastan from Sabanci University. He talked about personalizing deep learning-based drug synergy predicitions.
  • Sina Baranzadeh presented his work on generating UTR sequences using generative adversarial networks to maximize the expression of target genes in synthetic gene circuit design. This is joint work with Urartu Seker from UNAM - Bilkent.
  • At the main RECOMB event, Ercument presented a highlight talk on discovering risk genes for comorbid neurodevelopmental disorders which was published in Patterns.

Here are some other photographs from the event:

with Mehmet Koyuturk.

with Oznur Tastan and Ugur Sezerman.

with Alex Lederer and Gioele La Manno.